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Sunday, 22.9.2019
  • Rich experience in financial modeling – Private Equity fund modeling, complex models incorporating acquisitions and debt restructuring scenarios, holding evaluations and pro-forma consolidations in various sectors as TMT, FI, industry, agriculture, energy, tourism; scenario modeling and sensitivity analysis
  • Scientific work – Petar Atanasov, a key team member, did a significant work in analyzing the applicability of the CAPM-based valuation techniques and popular management performance measurement metrics on capital markets of limited liquidity
  • Part of the financial advisory team on the NPP Belene project, supported CAPEX/CAPEX overruns financial modeling (Monte Carlo simulation);
  • Research/valuation on numerous public and private companies
  • Key team members with significant experience in market and sector analysis and forecasting;
  • Key team member developed a banking services market potential model at a country-district level for a commercial bank;
  • Key team members with experience in a commercial bank strategic planning department
  • Key team members with experience in macroeconomic research/forecasts and bond portfolio research and analysis;
  • Experience in preparation and management of data rooms
  • Experience in preparation of presentations and daily review and analysis of issues of banks and agencies like the World Bank, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac.
  • Financial analysis for the granting of a syndicated loans,, analysis of options for the provision of syndicated loans to banks and corporations in Bulgaria, participation in risk management related to two Yugoslavian banks as guarantors for export transaction from Russia to Yugoslavia.
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